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Parp! Parp!

It's Trumpet Time

Front cover page from Trimontium Trust members' newsletter number 25 from 2011The museum has been open and busy for the last couple of months and we're just going to press with the latest edition of the Trumpet - number 25. This is the members' annually mailed out newsletter. 36 pages and full colour A4. Want a peek?

End of Season

We're Outta Here

Trimontium Trustees on camels, North Africa Unfortunately the museum is now closed for the season (under certain circumstances we'll try and open on request, if we can possibly manage to do so). However we'll open again in April and, of course, the site of the Trimontium Fort remains navigable (weather permitting - it's very white at the moment).

The camels? Some of our trustees on a trip to Tunisia and Libya for Carthage, El Jem, Sabratha and Leptis Magna.

Blowing our own Trumpet

Blowing Our Own Trumpet...

Masthead for Trimontium Trumpet newsletter

Our latest newsletter detailing our activities over the last year is just about to go to press. A lavish, A4, full colour version is sent to our Trust members each year. For a sneak preview why not have a look at our lower resolution PDF version. More information on our Trumpet page.

We're Open

We're Now Open

Roman vase inspectionThe museum opened its doors to the public for the 2010 season on the 29th of March.

Why not spend some time with us on your next trip to Melrose or join us for a guided walk around our Roman history and the site of the Roman fort each Thursday afternoon (and some Tuesdays).

Location and opening times here...

We're Just About Open

Museum Opening Soon

From now on the Museum can be opened on request (tel 01896 822651) if we can make it, up to 28 March 2010. The new season starts on Monday 29 March, 2010.

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