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Gattonside Ridge Walk

Posted by Angus
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Gattonside Ridge Walk

As part of Scottish Archaeology Month the Trimontium Trust has in the past arranged an annual free walk on the South side of the Tweed, in connection with the Roman fort, Dere Street, the Grange Hall Roman Summerhouse or the Rhymer's Stone. In 2008 on Sat. 6 September the Walk took place on the North side of the Tweed, starting at Gattonside Village Hall at 1.30pm and returning there by about 3.30pm for a cup of tea (as at Newstead on the weekly Trimontium Walk) towards which, and the hire of the hall, a donation was requested. The target was Chester Knowe, the central Iron Age earthwork on the Gattonside Ridge. The others are the larger Camp Knowe (to the West) and, largest of all,  Easter Hill (to the East). We plan to walk up to it on Sat. 5 Sept. 2009.
It will be a stiff walk over rough field and woodland ground but, while the earthwork itself is a modest affair, the views of the Vale of Melrose are usually spectacular. Mr Ian Brown, one of the Trimontium guides, will take the lead in pointing out the features. We hope again to be entertained by piper Kyle Blain, drummer Liam Blain and Highland dancer Jessica Bennett. The earthwork will be duly visited and Scottish Archaeology Month celebrated once again. Car parking will be at Leaderfoot Viewpoint off the A 68. If the weather is bad we may well walk instead West one mile to Newstead and have tea in the Village Hall.

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