Young Archaeologists
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Young Archaeologists' Club: no longer

This is available nationally, but unfortunately not now connected with the Trimontium Trust. The setting up of a Trimontium Club might be considered.

The Trust Club began in 1996 as part of the Scottish Network of Clubs and to encourage youngsters to take an interest in archaeology. The very first Trimontium Walk was undertaken on Saturday 23 March, 1996, which was coincidentally the 860th anniversary of the granting of the Abbey's Charter.

Young Archaeologists' Club, Scotland logoThe age range is officially from 8 to 16 years, but the majority of Trimontium members at any one time came from the P6 to P7 age group. Therefore most people had a couple of years in the Club before they went on to secondary school. The leader was Donald Gordon, with Nigel Sumerling and Ian Brown as assistants.

We tried to 'do' outdoor things if possible and visited important buildings; had fieldwalking sessions with Walter Elliot; 'detective' studies with Ann Dent; visits to local excavations; resistivity exercises with Richard Strathie (plotting things underground without digging); and activities at archaeological exhibitions, both local and national.

There were about 10-12 members at any one time.

Members could also become members of the national network based at York and interested youngsters should be encouraged to contact or They have a subscription and a magazine.

The Edinburgh address for interested Scottish children  is Young Archaeologists' Club c/o Rebecca Boyde, Council for Scottish Archaeology, National Museums of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh EH1 1JF tel 0131 225 7534. e-mail Their website can currently be found at

The membership form for the Central Borders YAC found on our Downloads page is unfortunately no longer viable since the Club is in abeyance..